How To Remove A Tire

In order to change your tire – for whatever reason – you first need to know the proper steps to take when removing a tire. These instructions are easy as long as you have the proper tools on hand before you begin and have someone to help you. Also make sure that you have the new or spare tire on hand before you start.

Tire Removal Tools

  • Car jack
  • Tire iron
  • Lubricant

Remove Tire From Wheel

  • The first thing that you will need to do is pull the hubcap off and analyze the lug nuts to see how they look. If they are locking lug nuts then you must first make sure that you are using the proper key that will remove them.
  • The easiest way to remove the lug nuts is to first spray them down with penetrating oil. This will help to loosen them up and to prevent you from stripping them while you torque them with the tire iron.
  • It is important that you remove the lug nuts in a specific triangle pattern that is opposite from the other. The first three should be loosened in a triangular pattern and then you will need to loosen the one that is across the axle. Do not take them off completely.
  • Use the jack or lift that should come with your car. These can usually be found in the trunk of some cars. Raise the car up by inserting the jack on the specific jacking points that are on your car. If you do not use these points than you might damage the frame of the car.
  • Make sure to steady the car using the jack stand and make sure it is sturdy by gently shaking the car. Once you know it is secure you will be able to finish removing the lug nuts using your hands. After they are removed you will be able to remove the tire. This process can be used for both front and rear tire removal.