Remove Tire From Rim

Tires are one of the most important part of any car because they are what move us around from place to place. Many people use their cars at least twice a day if not more and all of this can cause wear and tear. Over a period of time the tire will become worn out and you will need to purchase brand new ones.

In order to keep your tires in good shape you have to take care of the rim on which it sits on. Most people would take their cars to a mechanics shop where they use a machine that will pull the tire from the rim easily. However, if you are looking to save some money and time than you can follow these instructions and do it yourself.

  • First you need to lay the tire on the ground, making sure that the outer rim side is facing upwards. Then remove the valve stem cap.
  • Push the tip of the valve stem removal tool into the valve stem and make sure that you turn it counter clockwise. The stem will twist off and you will begin to feel and hear the air leaking out through it.
  • Using a large flat head screwdriver, wedge it between the tire and the rim. This will help to break the seal that holds it firmly to the tire.
  • Ask someone to stand on top of the wheel while you are using a pry bar to wedge between the rim and the tire. You will need to use the rim of the wheel as leverage and pry the tire out and over the top of the rim.
  • This part of the process is hard for most people and must be done carefully. To make it easier you should be able to apply hard grease over the surface of the rim. Use as much as you think is necessary. You will need to move your way around the outside of the rim till you have removed this side of the tire from the rim.
  • After it is removed you will be able to flip the wheel over and once again will use the pry bar to wedge it between the tire and rim. You may also need to use the lubricant to make this easier and to remove the rest of the tire from the rim.